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    The School of Computer Science & Electronic Engineering is the largest in the University of Essex, with over 60 academic staff and a further 70 support, research and technical staff. It is also one of the largest computing and electronics departments in the UK. Its particular strengths include autonomous robotics, computer networking, telecommunications, human-computer interfacing, computational finance, intelligent environments, and multimedia & video. The University invested multi-million pounds to build research facility: two new laboratories for robotics research, including a huge Robot Arena for indoor flying robots, as well as over 50 mobile robots. More details can be seen from the school website

    The Human Centred Robotics group at Essex is to develop various kinds of embedded systems and intelligent robots that are used in unstructured environments in order to improve the quality of life and security for everyone. The research activities and previous experience include distributed control architectures, data fusion algorithms, navigation and localisation, SLAM, multi-robot collaboration, human-robot interaction, Flying/underwater robots, GA, Fuzzy and NN for robot control, swam robotics, AI and expert systems. More details can be seen from the group website

    In this project, Prof. Huosheng Hu will lead the Essex team to design and build a team of robotic fish. In doing so they will play an important part in all stages of development, working with other technical partners to advise what will be possible and also how best to design other components in order to facilitate the integration effort.

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