• Port Authority of Gijón - Testing Port

    The Port Authority of Gijón (PAG) is one of the 28 Spanish Public port authorities, framed both in the National Development Ministry and the Regional Transport Administration. The city of Gijón has 300.000 inhabitants; it's an industrial and commercial place, with numerous manufacturing centres

    The PAG is a public entity, an administrative body which holds several industrial,, commercial and educational entities such as the Port of Gijón, Marina of Gijón, EBHI (European Bulk Handling Installation) Terminal for minerals handling, Lonja Gijón-Musel for fishing markets ,and the Gijón Port Institute, focused to promote quality, environment, safety & security and research issues inside the port community.

    The Port of Gijón is an industrial installation distributed alongside of more than 10 km of coast and docks in the Bay of Gijón. It has 160 direct workers, sales for about € 40 million and in 2007 it moved 21 million tons of industrial products, mainly steam coal, iron ore, steel products, chemicals, cement, clinker, oil, fertilizers, fish and others, for their main customers : ARCELOR-MITTAL, DUPONT, SARAS, HC-Energía, Union Fenosa, ENDESA, Cementos Tudela-Veguin,

    There is an on-going port expansion project 2004-2010 with an investment portfolio of € 3,300m to create a new 150 Ha terminal to duplicate the cargo handling capacity, related to the new cargoes : LNG, bio diesel and bio ethanol and an energetic pole of combined cycle electrical power plants.

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