• Thales - Communication Network

    Thales Safare SA is 100% owned subsidiary of Thales S.A., counting on roughly a hundred trained staff, specialised in special acoustic and communication products, and linked to the Naval Division of the Group.

    Thales Safare located in the Sophia Antipolis in the South-East of France, delivers its equipment to primes, system integrators or shipyards worldwide, in full respect of applicable export rules.

    Beyond its own product range, thanks to a development team including experts in acoustic, electronics, software and mechanics, Thales Safare can fully design and develop special equipment in accordance with a specific customer specification. Since 1950 Thales Safare has developed an expertise in underwater voice communications for civil and military markets. Since 1999, according to Thales strategy, Thales Safare has been designated as the leader in all activities related to Underwater Communication (UComm) for the group. This includes Research and Development of systems and equipment for divers, AUUV, submarines and surface ships. Investment in new communication technologies is one of the highest priorities.

    Thales Safare is now offering underwater data transmission capabilities with data rate from 100 up to 2400 bit/s. These modems have been successfully tested in real operational conditions. The development of undersea applications has driven the need of reliable wireless communications. Digital communication solutions in underwater communication systems is considered as a major step in UComm.

    However, the very complex underwater environment causes many problems especially in shallow waters. This means that the performance of acoustic sensors has to be improved drastically compared to classical analogue transmissions. The knowledge and simulation capability of physical processes in underwater environment are also fundamental for evaluating the performances of active and passive transducers.

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    Tuesday 22 May 2012
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