• Univeristy of Strathclyde - Hydrodynamic Research

    The Ship Stability Research Centre (SSRC) of the University of Strathclyde is the world leading centre of excellence on Ship Safety. Established on 22 January 1997 in response to demand from the international maritime industry to adopt scientific approaches in dealing with ship safety, SSRC today comprises 35 researchers from 15 countries, including a number of world-renowned experts, dealing with wide-ranging aspects of safety performance prediction in extreme environments and conditions using first-principles. SSRC has had a profound influence on the maritime industry, establishing itself as the acknowledged pace setter on ship safety in all its various forms ranging from philosophical to research, regulatory, design and operational aspects.

    In the FP6 IP project VIRTUE, bringing the top EU CFD capability to address all aspects of ship hydrodynamic performance, the Centre is a member of the Steering Group and leader of the work package on “The Virtual Manoeuvring Basin�. Its main contribution focuses on seakeeping and manoeuvring performance, reflecting the prime areas of expertise in the Centre.

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Latest News

  • Intelligent Robotic Fish Detect Pollution

    SHOAL has successfully developed and delivered intelligent robotic fish capable of working together to detect and identify pollution in ports and other aquatic areas.

    Please click here to download the full press release in PDF format.

    Tuesday 22 May 2012
  • BBC News Report on SHOAL

    The BBC have interviewed SHOAL project manager, Luke Speller, and filmed the trials of the robotic fish in the Port of Gijon, Spain.

    Please click here to visit the page on the BBC news website

    Tuesday 22 May 2012